Characters Edit

  • Darth Verzul
  • Ign'ark Kraal
  • Demon Lord
  • Kervus
  • Lexy Cole
  • Zekk Tyrus
  • Watcher
  • Honor Harrington



Summary Edit

Verzul arrives on Kashyyyk with three ships full of Sith and the captive Nava. Ign'ark Kraal also arrives on Kashyyyk with his Sith task force. Verzul tortures Nava and raves on in his madness. Kraal brings out the Demon Lord, his Sith beast. Then Kervus attacks the group with a flash grenade.

Verzul becomes enraged. He calls for reinforcements. His demented mind envisions thousands of Sith raining down on Kashyyyk in merciless waves. Then the dark side beast escaped from its cage and began attacking. Verzul resorts to using his 0077 mechanical suit in order to do battle with the beast. Ursa arrives just in time to watch the chaos.

Lexy and Zekk arrive at night with the Cryth. They rescue Nava. Lexy takes time to chat with Ursa. Meanwhile Verzul finally destroys the Demon Lord. He is force to abandon his suit as it is now destroyed. Then Verzul killed Kraal, slaying the Yuuzhan Vong Sith with his lightsabers, cutting off his legs, and pinning him to the ground. Then he finished him off with Force lighting and ripped him apart. At that point he turned his attention toward finding Nava.

The Sith that Verzul sent to find Nava run into Jendo. They strike the man down but are in turn killed by Zekk. Ursa realizes that her master is dead. She blames Lexy. But Verzul appears and takes the credit for Kraal's death. He then knocks Kervus out with Sith Lightning. Then the Watcher possessed his body.

Lexy, Ursa, Zekk, and Nava prepare to leave. That is when Nava realizes that his father has possessed Kervus. Then his father's spirit jumped bodies and took over Nava. They take off. In the ship, Jendo dies and Nava continues to battle against the Watcher. Lexy reveals to Ursa that they should head to Hapes next.

Next Verzul appears on the ship and attacks, but Lexy commands the Cryth soldiers and they manage to detain him. Lexy then learns that the Vong are heading to Kashyyyk. Modifying there plans, she decides to wait here and fight them.

Verzul then frees himself and kills several guards. Meanwhile the Blue Vein popped out of hyperspace. Honor coms Lexy's ship. He then boards and gets introduced. The Watcher then fully possesses Kervus' body. Honor, Lexy, and Ursa go to find Verzul. Honor gets blasted by Force lighting. Ursa charges the Sith Lord. Then Lexy joins in. They manage to bring Verzul down and restrain him once again. Lexy tends to Honor's injuries. Everyone takes a break. Lexy lies down with Zekk. Ursa and Honor talk. Finally they prepare for the Vong attack.

The Vong arrive.

Continued in Stars of Hell.

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