The Trials of Iridonia


235 ABY


Galactic Alliance


Heavy losses among the Black Sun organization.

GA Combatants:

  • Cellian Rovei

Black Sun Combatants:

  • Kire Arland



The Trials of Iridonia was a lengthy scheme concocted by Black Sun and the Hutts that erupted into a brief conflict known as the Iridonian War.

Origins Edit

A long peace followed after the grueling Kaminoan Uprising but events in 231 ABY changed that. The charismatic Zabrak Whok Turne had been elected Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance and brought his homeworld of Iridonia into the spotlight of Galactic affairs. However, soon afterwards, Black Sun infiltrated Iridonia and began creating a resistance group with the goal of overturning Whok Turne from power. In 235 ABY the resistance cell launched their attack and assassinated the Chief of State.

After the assassination, Iridonia demanded that the resistance cell known as "The Avengers" be brought to justice and executed for their crimes. The newly elected Chief of State, Fluer Li'klen, was a Caamasi and refused to do anything but put the rebels in prison. As more details were revealed, it was discovered that the Avengers were actually Zabraks with Black Sun ties. Jedi Knight Cellian Rovei discovered that a Black Sun fleet was massing near Nal Hutta. It seemed that over the past 60 years, the Hutts had grown bitter about their defeat in the Hutt War and had decided to get back at the Galactic Alliance by enlisting the help of Black Sun.

History Edit

Chief of State Li'klen was unable to stop the movement of the Black Sun fleet which was supported by many seedy worlds who had succombed to Black Sun's power. The Black Sun fleet launched a campaign of pillaging and destruction on the Outer Rim. Worlds such as Boz Pity and Saleucami became bases for Black Sun Vigos. Iridonia became their new capital, led by the Black Sun's leader, Kire Arland.

Li'klen became desperate and sent a request to the Jedi Order that they send someone to arrest Kire Arland. The Order entrusted Cellian Rovei with the job. Meanwhile the GA 3rd and 5th Fleets launched an attack on Iridonia in an effort to destroy the main Black Sun fleet. However Black Sun was prepared for the attack and managed to surround the two GA fleets. Cellian Rovei and the Jedi team slipped through the battle and onto Iridonia where they successfully captured Arland. In space the 3rd Fleet was decimated but their own losses as the courageous efforts of the 5th Fleet forced Black Sun to surrender.

Aftermath Edit

Kire Arland and the Black Sun Vigos were arrested and imprisoned on Carcel. Iridonia was angered by the Vigos' survival and demanded revenge for Whok Turne's death. Chief Li'klen's refusal alienated Iridonia from the GA.

Participants Edit

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Behind the Scenes Edit

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