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  • Darth Iurus
  • Lumiya
  • Acacia Ambulaire

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Lady Lumiya returned to Korriban to ally the scattered Sith against the Yuuzhan Vong while still in search of the holocron of Darth Vectivus. Iurus arrived shortly afterwards and made contact with Lumiya. They both quickly realized that they were both once Emperor's Hands. Meanwhile the Yuuzhan Vong force Iurus followed to the system formed up for an attack on Korriban. Tentatively Iurus and Lumiya agreed to work together. They landed on Korriban and began tracing the trail of Vectivus' holocron.

Elsewhere Acacia showed up in his fighter and entered a dogfight with several coral skippers. He was quickly shot down.

Continued in The Chase Is On.