The Hutt War


175 ABY


Galactic Alliance


Heavy losses among the Hutt forces.

GA Combatants:

  • Jedi Knight Class Vein

Hutt Combatants:

  • Unknown



The Hutt War was a brief but significant conflict that had long lasting effects in Hutt Space.

Origins Edit

The leader of the Hutt clans was Borga Diori. She inadvertently had a human killed for an unpaid debt. The human turned out to be one of rogue Jedi Knight Class Vein's parents. In retaliation, Class Vein murdered the Hutt crime boss, thus provoking a mass upheaval in the Hutt Empire. The Hutt clans immediately vowed revenge and secretly began building a large army in order to exact their vengeance.

History Edit

In 175 ABY the Hutt clans unleashed their secret fleet and declared war on the Galactic Alliance in response to the unwarranted assassination of the leader of their clans. In cooperation with the Zann Consortium and Black Sun, the ragtag fleets of Nal Hutta, Nar Shadda, and other Hutt worlds struck the Galactic Alliance with complete surprise.

Initially the Hutt fleets made some progress and several major battle were fought in a spearhead toward the Core, however just three months into the war, the Hutts were overwhelmed due to their own bickering. The Galactic Alliance Navy pushed the Hutts back into Hutt Space and cornered them in the Cyax System. What followed was the Battle of Da Soocha and the defeat of the Hutt forces, thus ending the war.

Aftermath Edit

Strict military and diplomatic repurcussions were forced on the Hutts for starting the war, regardless of their defense that the Jedi were to blame. The restrictions delivered a hard blow to the Hutts that would take them many years to recover from, as well as creating a deep hatred for the GA.

Meanwhile Jedi Knight Class Vein was never found. Jedi investigators believed him to be hiding out on Nar Shaddaa.

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