The Enslavement of Zeltros was an event that led to The Syndicate War.

Origins Edit

With the end of Darth Peragus, the galaxy once again began to rebuild itself. However due to its involvement with the downfall of the Sith Lord, the Zann Consortium was able to slip out of the spotlight, allowing them to once again avoid annihilation. The head of the Consortium, Vagor Thryce, became increasingly arrogant, even with the dwindling numbers of his organization.

History Edit

Having escaped capture on Toola, Thryce decided to station the Consortium on Zeltros, where he quickly battered the planet's defenses and set up camp. The Zeltrons were subsequently enslaved. Thryce, however, began to become overwhelmed by the Zeltron pheremones radiating from local actress Tania Low, who was in fact an undercover Jedi Knight. Tania was able to manipulate Thryce into bringing the entire fleet to Zeltros. After that was done, she then requested that the Galactic Alliance send a fleet or two to destroy and end the reign of the Zann Consortium.

The Galactic Alliance heeded Tania Low's advice, and arrived on Zeltros soon after to crush the Consortium's ragtag fleets. However, Thryce was murdered by his second in command,Kiran Torlen, who ordered the Consortium's fleets to scatter and flee to Byss.

Aftermath Edit

Once again the criminal orgnizations in the Hutt System and the remnants of the Black Sun syndicate rallied to the Consortium's cause, as well as the planets who were indebted or blackmailed to join them. The Syndicate War had begun.

Participants Edit

  • Vagor Thryce
  • Tania Low
  • Kiran Torlen

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Behind the ScenesEdit

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