Modern Shields Edit

Creator/Researcher Edit

Kola Quie, Various

Inception Edit

595 ABY

Description Edit

The latest version of shield technology was created in 595 ABY during the height of the GA-Mandalorian War. The Mandalorians had unleashed massive numbers of AE-Drones (previously, Drones had been incredibly rare) which had cut through every model of shield's with little trouble. Kola Quie, however, found a way to modify the latest version of shield technology (shields have improved in strength over the last 500 years) that largely neutralized the Drone's damage. Drones could still penetrate shields but it required far more of them to do so.

History Edit

The shield was introduced in 595 ABY by Kola Quie in response to the Mandalorian threat. Previously, MandalMotors had found a way to cheaply and quickly produce AE-Drones and these missiles took the Galactic Alliance by surprise. The Mandalorian fleet, utilizing this weapon as well as their beskar succeeded in cutting most GA fleets to shreds. The shields aboard GA vessels proved woefully inadequate when compared with the new missile. Kola Quie succeeded in making a modification to the shield emitters that increased a shield\'s resistance to Drone weaponry, thus evening the playing field during the war. In the years following, many would point to Koa Quie\'s discovery as the turning point.