• Planet: Chandrila Topic: Prepare to Drop
    Date Started: 6-15-09

Characters: Garrus Vakarian

  • Planet: Ba’Har Topic: Civil War is Never Civil

Date Started: 6-15-09

Characters: Nicodemus Rei Lu

  • Planet: Balmorra Topic: With a Rebel Yell…

Date Started: 6-16-09

Characters: Illuka Erathipa

  • Planet: Coruscant Topic: Street Rat

Date Started: 6-23-09

Characters: Anthony Brody

  • Planet: Kuat Topic: Proving Grounds

Date Started: 6-27-09

Characters: Soiyor Tascke

  • Planet: Hyperspace Topic: Sleeping with the Enemy

Date Started: 6-30-09

Characters: Nicodemus Rei Lu

  • Planet: Manaan Topic: Jacking the Empire

Date Started: 7-06-09

Characters: Tierrix

  • Planet: Olaran Topic: Coming of Age: Flight

Date Started: 7-12-09

Characters: Ariel Erose, Val Kessana

  • 'Planet: Tatooine Topic: Coming of Age: Reunion '

Date Started: 7-13-09

Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • Planet: Hyperspace Topic: Coming of Age: Interim

Date Started: 8-01-09

Characters: Val Kessana

  • Planet: Yavin Topic: Unpleasant Dreams

Date Started: 8-02-09

Characters: Selena Artis

  • Planet: Yavin Topic: Coming of Age: New Recruit

Date Started: 8-07-09

Characters: Jan Dodonna

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