Nal Sen
Prime Minister of Kamino







Date of Birth/Death:

125 ABY-206 ABY



Hair Color:


Eye Color:



Prime Minster of Kamino



Nal Sen was the Prime Minister of Kamino and the instigator of the Kaminoan Uprising.

History Edit

Nal Sen was born on Kamino and raised among its influential and wealthy class. He became a leading scientist in the field of cloning and was obsessed with the idea of making Force sensitive clones. Eventually he was put in charge of a special program geared toward making breakthroughs in the research of midichlorians.

In 175 ABY Nal Sen and his team captured a Jedi by the name of Class Vein. They used him as a test subject for their experiments and were able to successfully clone Force sensitive genetic material. Using Class Vein as a template, they clone him and created an army of Force sensitives. Nal Sen used this army and his scientific successes to gain the office of Prime Minister in 180 ABY. After twenty years of further testing and development, he unleashed his fully matured clone army on the Outer Rim.

Several months after the start of the war, Class Vein escaped. He later returned with a team of Jedi and together they destroyed the Kaminoan cloning facilities and captured Nal Sen. Yet even with his capture, his clone army fought on, completely loyal to their genetic programming without any flaws. Sen was so proud of his creations that he refused to order them to surrender. In took two whole years for the Galactic Alliance to defeat the last of the clone legions. Afterwards Nal Sen was tried for war crimes and sentenced to death. He was executed in 206 ABY at the Coruscant Detention Center.

Legacy Edit

Nal Sen's infamy was long remembered as he was responsible for the war known as the Kaminoan Uprising. His death also curbed any future dissent from Kamino.

Personality and Traits Edit

Nal Sen was egomaniac and a obsessed scientist. He sought power through achievement and force without any regards to the damage he would wreck. Yet he was also a hero among his people and is still looked up to fondly for his bold research in cloning and his dream of a Kaminoan Empire.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

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