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Jax Beviin, a descendant of the Beviin clan, was the Mandalore during The Five Year War, and the one responsible for starting it.

History Edit

Jax Beviin was born on Mandalore and raised to be a Mandalorian. As a child, he was trained in the ways of war and combat. As he became an adult, he was a well respected warrior among the clans. After being appointed Mandalore in 589 ABY, he amped up the production of the Mandalorian Fleet and orgainzed the clans into an army. In 594 ABY, he launched a surprise offensive toward the Core, declaring war on the Galactic Alliance. During the lengthy five year conflict, he fought both at the front and at the rear of the battle. He devised the strategies for their offensives, and sometimes led the charge into battle. It was at the Battle of Hapes that his command at the front strategy backfired on him and caused him to be captured, along with his fleet and the top commanders. His captured forced him to surrender and end the war. Afterwards he was exiled to Felucia.

Several months after his exile, Beviin crowned a new Mandalore to take his place, Ixtren the Sanguine.

Legacy Edit

Jax Beviin was responsible for starting The Five Year War, and his eventual surrender marked its end. He was also reponsible for choosing the next Mandalore, and it was his rescue at the end of The Five Year War that drove the final schism between dissident members of the Jedi Order and GA loyalists.

Personality and Traits Edit

Beviin was a proud man who fell victim to the temptation of power. His overconfidence led him to believe that the Mandalorian Fleet could defeat the Galactic Alliance.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

Jax Beviin is loosely inspired by Goran Beviin.

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