Characters Edit

  • Bera Dukill
  • Dovar Lyle
  • Narek Taol

Location Edit


Summary Edit

Three weeks after Kuat, Bera finds herself thinking about her accomplishment. By infecting Dovar with a lethal virus, and turning him over to the Black Sun leaders on Felucia, she wiped out the entire organization and took it over for herself, giving Dovar the cure so he would not die and keeping him as a slave. Her new mission in life was to avenge Sev by killing Aeacus and Narek.

Three weeks later Narek finds himself on Felucia and recognizes that he has fallen to the Dark Side. He surrenders himself to Bera's thugs and is escorted away by Dovar. Bera waits for him in her throne room while she thinks about the unborn child in her womb.
Narek offers Bera a deal. If she hands over her Black Sun organization to him, temporarily, he will use it to crush a Yuuzhan Vong fleet led by Shokk E'clet, the son of Daush E'clet, the murderer of Sev. But before Bera can answer, Rolf Taol and Caden Morro appear behind Narek.

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